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Ventamac Packaging supply a wide range of film and polythene products for many different applications and industries. We have listed eblow some information on a small portion of our plastic film and polythene ranges.

Machine Stretch Film

Machine stretch film from Ventamac is manufactured from 100% recyclable linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE). Stretch films primary use is for load containment of wrapped pallets. It is also water resistant, and protects the contents from dirt. It can be applied by hand or machine and is available in a wide range of sizes, thickness & strengths.

Stretch Wrap

Ventamac Lite Stretch Wrap offers all the quality, reliability and performance you would expect from a Ventamac product, but thanks to special manufacturing techniques is pre-stretched to 7 microns. This means you use less film by weight to wrap a given load, in turn creating less packaging waste.

In addition, this thinner gauge also means you get more film per reel leading to a reduction in film deliveries and associated vehicle emissions. Plus, Ventamac Lite is 100% recyclable and can be processed through industrial film recycling facilities.


We offer a wide range of heat sealers from desktop heat sealers to hand held portable heat sealers to automatic machine heat sealers.

Pallet Wrap

We provide an extensive pallet wrap range from hand pallet wrapping to machine pallet wrapping we have a wide range of sizes, thickness, strengths and options available. See our Pallet Wrap page for further information.


Our polythene over wrap is wrapped around an item and attached with adhesive, tape or heat seals. This overwrap film is in the form of a plastic bag which is sealed around the item.

  • An overwrap can have several purposes or functions:
  • Combine two or more smaller packages into a larger multi-pack.
  • Keep a package or item clean.
  • Help prevent package pilferage or premature opening of the package.
  • Help provide a tamper indicating seal.
  • Help keep insects out of a package.
  • Obscure a package for distribution, sale, or gifting.
  • Help provide an authentication seal.
  • Help provide grease resistance or water resistance.

Pallet Covers

Pallet topsheets are non-shrink covers and are normally supplied on a roll, perforated and centre-folded for ease of use.

These polythene sheets fit over the top of a pallet with a slight overhang and this will protect your product from getting wet or dirty. We can also supply polythene rolls with no perforations which enables you to cut the length of topsheet you desire. Topsheets can be supplied in various colours and with antistatic and UV protection as desired.

Topsheet Dispensers

Ventamac Packaging also supply topsheet dispensers. These are adjustable in length and easy to use. Manufactured from steel, the width is adjustable between 1200mm and 2000mm.

Wall or floor mounted with lockable castors.

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You can view our extensive range of packaging products and supplies in our 2018 packaging brochure, downloadable as a PDF below.


Our packaging products & consumables range is very extensive and varied; We can cover all packaging requirements & we provide a quick turnaround on all orders.


We supply our comprehensive films and polythene ranges to many different industries and sectors nationwide, contact us now for details
At Ventamac packaging we have built our reputation on supplying packaging products and consumables of the highest quality
We provide a very fast turnaround on all packaging orders, we hold specific stock for our customers with a standard next day delivery
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